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lavender_hippie ([personal profile] lavender_hippie) wrote2010-10-18 11:08 pm

Friends cut

I did one. It is nothing personal. I either didn't feel we clicked or you never post anything so I doubt you are readin this anyway. If I cut someone who still wants to be on my friends list just let me know and I will add you again.

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Obligatory comment about how I didn't get cut.

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I may not comment much but I appreciate your posts. I never know what to say.

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Have I mentioned you make me laugh? Because you do.

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Ha! My journal is all heart ache and misery, are you laughing at my salty salty tears?

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This is how I find joy in life. I hope you don't mind.

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It somehow makes it all worth it.

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I'm trying to think of something witty to say and I'm stumped.

Your co-workers are stellar. The things they do and say make me laugh. Then I realize what it must be like to actually have to sit next to them and deal with them daily. At least I can walk away from my co-workers. And I do, regularly. They probably do the same to me and I am to dense to notice.

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I find them as entertaining as you do. Once I get past the rage.

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Glad you didn'tcut me coz I <3 you.

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I'm glad. I like you as well.

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Thanks for keeping me <3

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Likewise. Your friends cut was what finally prompted mine.

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<3 Thanks for keeping me. :)

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I am happy to have you on my friends list. I hope it is always a safe space for you.

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You can't cut me....I have tenure!

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I would never think of taking you off my friends list.

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I'm still here. I know you've been sick and so has Ryder. Hope you feel better soon.

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Of course you are still here. I may not comment much but I enjoying reading your posts and I appreciate the wisdom you bring to my journal.

Thank-you for the well wishes. Ryder seems to be doing much better but is still coughing a bit in the evenings. I'm not sure if it is his apnea, his reflux of a bit of a cold. I'm trying different things to see if one of them makes a difference. Hopefully it will be figured out soon (his cpap study is next week so that will answer one question.)

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I have always enjoyed having you on my friends list.